Cheerful Wednesday – Sunshine Awards

Sharing the Sunshine

Last summer, I was honored when Heather at Gluten-Free Cat nominated me for a Sunshine Award. A blogger awards this to 10 other bloggers who “positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.”

I waited a bit to post mine – on purpose – so that the fun could start up again. Recipients first answer 10 questions about themselves. Then they thank the person who gave them the award, linking back to that blog, and they choose 10 blogs for the award, linking to their blogs in the post and telling them they’ve won the award. Here’s the cool image of the award that each should use in their own post when they make their awards:

First, I’ll answer the 10 questions about myself. I think you’ll be blessed by checking out the blogs that follow.

1. Favorite Color: Purple. Pretty much any shade of purple.

2. Favorite Animal: Almost any baby animal. I think God made them cute so we’d want to take care of them :)

3. Favorite Number: I don’t think I have one. But I did get married on 8/8 so maybe that’s my favorite.

4. Favorite Drink: Water. Yes, it’s boring but that’s almost all I drink.

5. Facebook or Twitter: Facebook. I’ve tried to get into Twitter, really I have. Heather at Gluten-Free Cat even gave me some tips but I haven’t found my Twitter rhythum yet.

6. Good Movie or Good Book: Good book. I relax every night by reading in bed. I love movies but they don’t relax me this way. Of course, that could be because I enjoy suspense/action movies.

7. My Passion: This will probably be the same for most bloggers; their passion is whatever they’re blogging about. I enjoy helping people, I want them to be healthy, I want them to enjoy their lives as they’re on that journey.

8. Giving or Getting Presents: Giving. I enjoy scouting down the right gift for someone and seeing the expression on their face when they open it. I’m also a sale/bargain shopper so that adds another exciting element to the hunt.

9. Favorite Day of the Year: I’ll have to change this to Favorite Season. I look forward to the Christmas season.

10. Favorite Flower: Almost any flower is my favorite at that moment. I love a splash of color on my dining room table.

Sunshine Awards

Now for my 10 Sunshine Awards. It’s hard to whittle this down to just 10 because there are so many great blogs out there. I have interviews with Shirley, Megan, Lauren and Jenn on this blog – just enter their name in the search box.

Shirley at Gluten-Free Easily, GFE. Shirley’s can-do, positive attitude brings me sunshine with every post she writes. You can’t help but feel that you can be gluten-free and happy when you spend time with her. Her blog emphasises a diet that’s naturally gluten-free.

Alta at Tasty Eats at Home. I met Alta this summer when we were searching for bloggers to host Adopt A Gluten-Free Blogger. She’s just as kind working with something like that as she appears to be in her posts. Her blog is gluten-free and dairy-free.

Lauren at Empowered Sustenance. She’s taken what most would see as negative (ulcerative colitis) and turned that into a way to help herself and others heal. I’ll be making a couple of Lauren’s recipes for the current Adopt A Gluten-Free Blogger and you’ll see more about that then. I admire Lauren and her positive attitude.

Jenn at Jenn Cuisine. Most of us have had to knuckledown and learn to gluten-free cook for ourselves or our kids. Jenn fell in love with a man who couldn’t eat gluten and not only learned to cook it but created a gluten-free blog. She’s an American living in Switzerland and takes amazing photos so her food journey’s interesting by itself.

Caralyn at Gluten Free Happy Tummy. Like Lauren (coincidentally the same diagnosis), Caralyn has a great attitude. And her food – generally vegan – looks gorgeous. I mean, it’s stunning!

Kelly at The Spunky Coconut. I bought one of Kelly’s cookbooks early in my gluten-free life. She’s creating food to help heal her autistic daughter. And she is getting better. Following Kelly’s blog feels like being part of the family and I like that.

Sunny at And Love It Too. How can I not give an award to someone who maintains a great gluten-free and dairy-free blog – with a Paleo slant to it, is a teacher and has five children? She deserves this and many more awards! She’s one of the bloggers I’ve enjoyed “meeting” as I’ve learned the ropes.

Megan at Allergy Free Alaska. Megan’s upbeat and keeps pushing ahead no matter what. I respect that. Whole Food Fridays is a feature on her blog and it always has great recipes. (And I’m not saying that just because I regularly contribute to it :)

Heidi at One Creative Mommy. When Heidi’s daughter recently received a celiac disease diagnosis, this blogger rose to the occassion and added a gluten-free food carnival to her existing blog.

Lauren at Celiac Teen. Lauren’s a teen that not only accepts her gluten-free diagnosis with joy because she now knows what’s been wrong, she makes great recipes for her blog, and has been since she was 15. This is a great place for your teen to spend some time.


  1. Shannon, you’re such a sweetheart! It’s no surprise that you received the award from Heather. I loved reading about all your favorites. :-)

    And, now, many, many thanks for giving me the Sunshine Award and sharing such lovely words! I so appreciate them. :-) It’s always fun to be included in such a terrific group, too!


  2. wow, thank you so much Shannon:) I am so honored to be included with such amazing bloggers:) And congrats to you! You definitely deserve it:) Have a wonderful afternoon!

  3. I’m so glad you shared your answers! And lovely answers they were. I love the baby animals response! :) Thanks so much for spreading sunshine and for nominating such a lovely bunch of bloggers too. (Can I use the word “love” in any other form???)

    Your loverly friend, Heather! (hee hee)

  4. Shannon,
    I am so honored to be included in this amazing list of women! Thank you so much for your kind words and for the award!

    Hugs from a fellow purple girl!
    :) Megan

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